SUNRISE Project - Technologies for proximity services and mobility in smart cities and areas

Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020

The technologies and the services of proximity have acquired in the last years an increasing role in many fields and they are becoming an essential component in the panorama of Smart Cities and Internet of Things (see Bell Pottinger, 2015). Currently there are many technologies and solutions for the creation of proximity cells (Beacon, BLE, RFID, NFC, ZigBee, WiFi, QR-code, ...) but their interaction is an issue not much considered. This situation is also reflected in the market, where there are many offers of products and services of proximity but always linked to a specific technology and from a "silos" perspective. SUNRISE is therefore proposing to develop an innovative open modular solution, based on the integration and collaboration between the various proximity technologies (and other IoT technologies), capable of enabling an entire ecosystem of proximity services.

To this end, the PROJECT will first develop the concept of "hybrid CP", thanks to which in the same cell, or in overlapping cells, various wireless technologies (Beacon, BLE, WPS, etc.) coexist and integrate, thus contributing to the realization of innovative service environments in which various solutions coexist and cooperate. Starting from this multi-tech environment SUNRISE will develop a set of high-value-added basic and advanced technologies and services, designed to organize and optimize a circuit of experiences based on the common thread of proximity and location in general. Among the services offered, which will compete to achieve a complete UX, we have:

  • "core" of multi-platform indoor / outdoor localization and multi-device
  • "device independent" payment, ticketing and multi-channel booking services
  • services for integrated mobility at the local level (infomobility, parking payment, urban access permits, public transport, ..)
  • a "personal service card", a unique digital ID for vehicles and people, to link the various mobility services between them and move freely on the territory; v) loyalty services
  • loyalty services
  • BI services for the processing of acquired data (big data) and the customization of services.
  • Alongside these components will be finally developed innovative prototype solutions for some specific sectors of great economic and social interest such as integrated mobility between cities, health, tourism, cultural heritage and territorial marketing, with which to demonstrate the opportunities offered by integration and the interoperability of SUNRISE. All the components of SUNRISE will be developed to be integrated easily and dynamically; the various services can be scaled according to the needs and the peculiarities of each context. This will allow to create a dynamic offer of products / services able to respond concretely to many needs of the current market and will create a solid basis for the realization of the services that will be required by an increasingly digital society.

    SUNRISE is a project developed by consortium of companies

    • Infogroup - Informatica e Servizi telematici spa parent company
    • Liberologico S.r.l.
    • DATA POS - S.R.L.
    • PlaNet SRL Sistemi Informatici
    • PROJECT S.R.L.
    • LEONET S.R.L.

    the project activity is subdivided into five Operational Objectives, each subdivided into activities corresponding to the implementation of specific tasks:

    • OO1 SUNRISE system architecture
    1.1 Analysis of requirements and definition of services and test cases
    1.2 Design of the architecture and functionality of SUNRISE
    1.3 The SUNRISE service center
    1.4 Big data and social analytics
    1.5 Booking, ticketing and payment services

    • OO2 Proximity technologies
    2.1 Proximity technologies and their integration
    2.2 Development and integration of proximity and localization systems

    • OO3 SUNRISE services and applications
    3.1 Infomobility and integrated accessibility throughout the territory
    3.2 Services for territorial marketing
    3.3 Proximity services with applications to cultural heritage and health

    • OO4 Integration of components and test cases
    4.1 Integration of components and services in SUNRISE
    4.2 Testing and testing of services for integrated mobility
    4.3 Experimentation and test cases in the health sector
    4.4 Experimentation and Test Case in Cultural Heritage

    • OO5 Management and exploitation of results
    5.1 Technical-scientific coordination and dissemination
    5.2 Scientific exploitation of results

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